These are the most interesting features for you



Is the powerful multimedia templates editor of the DENEVA Platform, able to make the contents layout very dynamic and intuitive task. Supports all types of media formats and offers hundreds of customization opportunities.

Soporte para Múltiples Formatos Multimedia

All kind of media files

DENEVA Platform let us to use all types of media files to the create our layouts, whether images with transparency, videos, flash animations, web pages, sound files, editing texts, etc.

Implementación con Redes Sociales

Social Media

One of the most interesting features is the Social Media implementation in the Platform, that breaks the separation line between the user and the content, making possible the interaction.


Composite, our Templates tool let us to create different versions of the same content, each one will be adapted to a resolution and a specific screen, thus avoiding deformations and grouping different formats in the same template.


It let us to have the same content in multiple languages, allowing to configure in each player the list of languages in which it must play the content, either sequential or alternately. Never again will you create a channel for each geographical area or country.


This functionality allows the dynamic generation of channels following the contents cataloguing, making it easy to forget the schedules and focus on creating content and catalogd “Save Time”.


Códigos QR, Latest Tweets, Image Galleries by Hashtag, Meteorological Information, Quiz, Such day, Queues, RSS news, Tickers, KPIs, Time and Date, Youtube and much more!

  • Soporte Multimedia Total
  • Información Meteorológica
  • Objetos Web con Zoom
  • Codificación de Vídeo
  • Módulo de Entrada de Video
  • Catalogación de Contenidos
  • Soporte para Slim Signage
  • Validación de Contenidos
  • Módulo de Interactividad
  • Perfiles de Reproducción
  • Fuentes de Vídeo Streaming
  • Fuentes RSS
  • Canales de Audio
  • Módulo de TDT
  • Adaptabilidad