These are the most interesting features for you

Alertas de Dispositivos

Device Alert

Any problem in the devices or the software of our Digital Signage installation is reported in real time. Be the first to hear about the problems with your channel.

Monitorización en Tiempo Real

Remote Monitoring

From the own desktop it is possible to monitor any device in real time, so you can always see what that shows the screens of your circuit.

Estado de las Descargas

Downloads Management

DENEVA performs the distribution of content to the players enabling to view the downloads status individually and know at all times what are pending.


Taking advantage of the hardware of the players it is possible to turn off them physically and turning on them to a previously programmed time, which translates into a energy (and economic) important saving.


In order to examine any type of incident the system allows you to receive and manage the log files of each player of your Digital Signage installation.


DENEVA lets you program device control commands via RS232 or TCP/IP, very useful in installations that requires a precise control of the status of each device.


The platform audits all the actions performed by users within the same, in such a way that each object stores the list of actions that have been carried out on him and what person made it.

  • Perfiles de Usuario
  • Metadatos
  • Fuentes de Vídeo Streaming
  • Multi-Empresa
  • Comandos de Player
  • Copias de Seguridad
  • Live View
  • Notas de Soporte
  • Publicación Manual / Automática
  • Fuentes RSS
  • URLs con Credenciales
  • Notificaciones
  • Exportar Programaciones a USB
  • Grandes Instalaciones
  • Gestión de Grupos
  • Paquetes de Actualización
  • Módulo de Control de Ancho de Banda
  • Adaptabilidad