These are the most interesting features for you

Publicación Inteligente

Smart Broadcasting

You can use the tags information to publish automatically by area or target a content on those players that share the same tag.

Catalogación de Contenidos

Content Cataloguing

It is possible to catalog all the multimedia content either by assigning them some tags as creating an organization in virtual folders based on metadata, the purest Windows style.

Informes de Resultados

Audit Reports

The system is able to create custom reports with strategic information of our system: Number of passes, devices status, audience measurement and many more.


It allows to count and catalog the people who have viewed the contents issued in a player, obtaining attention reports by time slot and segmented demographically by sex and age.


It let us to define business hours for each establishment and decide that certain contents are only issued to certain hours or when they are missing several minutes for the closing or opening.


It let us to define specific behaviors in our Digital Signage platform according to public holidays in each one of the locations where you find our devices.


To sign up advertising campaigns, creating and scheduling advertising insertions of audio or video on the basis of criteria of classification of contents and players.

  • Composite
  • Avisos Inmediatos
  • Smart Tags
  • Metadatos
  • Información Meteorológica
  • Gestión de Grupos
  • Canales de Audio
  • Alerta de Dispositivos
  • Soporte para Slim Signage
  • Exportar Programaciones a USB
  • Gestión de Variables
  • Grandes Instalaciones
  • Control de Dispositivos
  • Notificaciones
  • Live View
  • Canales Agrupados
  • Notas de Soporte
  • Assets
  • Validación de Contenidos
  • Multi-Idioma
  • Multi-Empresa