Corporate Networks

Inside a company, traditional media, bulletin boards or emails could result really ineffective to inform our staff. However, Digital Signage is more effective to catch the users’ attention. Moreover, all the information is managed from a single point, which has lot of benefits.

DENEVA lets us spread the right information at the right time, being an ideal solution to insist on the information that interests us and achieve an effective spreading of the messages.

We have reinvented the way to communicate inside your company!

This is a genuinely useful and economic tool to solve communication problems inside your company. Nobody wants to waste time. DENEVA gives you the possibility of defining the templates that let your better comunicate your message.

What are the advantages of this Digital Signage Solution?

  • Improve employee communication.
  • Announce trainings and business courses.
  • Show corporate information.
  • Notice next meetings .
  • Remote conferences.
  • Presentation of Organizational charts.
  • Signage for different departments and areas.
  • Show sales and production results.
  • Announce new incorporations and show welcome greetings.
  • Digital advertising board.
  • Use our room reservation system.