There are several studies which indicate that the majority of purchase decisions (up to three out of every four) are taken on the spot. For this reason, the role of Digital Signage becomes essential to encourage this purchase impulse, fostering it by means of visual impacts that make the customer buy what catches his or her eyes.

In addition, the Digital Signage provides us many important advantages in this sector. Some of them are: the erasing of the costly campaigns with printed ads, the distribution of all of the information in the screens from a single point, the creation of brand image as the evolution of the business concept, and the straightforward increase in sales, since the customer quickly finds out all the offers and promotions available.

75% of purchase decisions are taken at the venue itself!

DENEVA and the implementation with the audience measurement lets us know not only how many people look at the screens, but also their age range, their sex, the dwell times, etc. Thanks to these data we can adapt the advert to a more objective target, customizing the content displayed.