Slim Signage DENEVA Player

Developed by Toshiba TEC, Slim Signage is a device developed to improve the Retail sector image. As the own company points out, “An alternative to traditional advertising, so as it offers marketing advantages, sales generation and business opportunities, and branding strategic to all types of commercial premises (food, specialized trade, hotel industry, Large, medium or small areas) “.
This solution is commercialized in modules of three panels of one linear meter and screens of 4,3 “(with 600 gr weight.). That can be combined and join up to a maximum of eighteen modules, either horizontally or vertically, for its configuration in linear shelves or counters, large windows displays or hanging from the wall.
In this revolutionary device is posible to publish, in a transparent way, advanced multimedia contents with WiFi support and using SlimSignage Deneva Player as if another DENEVA player was.

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