Anamorphic Video Wall

When art and Digital Signage merge

Video Wall Display System

Anamorphic Video wall display system to maximise the visual impact

Create spectacular and impressive compositions with DENEVA’s new Anamorphic Videowall

Use DENEVA’s Video wall inside or outside your shop and display eye-catching contents. Create the Anamorphic Video wall through LED displays with synchronised content. For this reason, make as many compositions as you want, regardless of the number, size or location of your displays.

Mix displays with different size or formats. As a result, you will obtain anamorphic designs. The only limit is your imagination.

Withouth resolution limits

Create contents of great quality by combining different formats and resolutions.

Impressive visual effect

Create an impressive visual effect and thus catch the attention of 100% of your audience.

Innovative brand image

Strengthen your brand identity with impressive, modern and technological image.

Flexible design combinations

Achieve higher message effectiveness combining different size devices.

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