Digital Sign Solutions for Retail

75% of purchase decisions are made in the point of sale

Digital Signage Solution for Retail

Ideal for stores, mall, shops, and franchises.

The use of Digital Signage in the retail sector creates an innovative shopping experience at the point of sale. In the same way, it creates a memorable and innovative brand image. The Dooh are a striking way to attract the attention of buyers to go inside the store. Once inside, the Digital Sign Solutions influences the purchase of items or encourages cross-selling.

Digital Signage in retail allows, therefore, to show dynamic content, customize it and keep it updated in each of the different screens. In this way, it is possible to modify the advertising campaign on the screens you want instantly.

DENEVA also adds facial recognition systems to know the profile of the audience: age, gender, mood … As a result, it is possible to interact with clients and display dynamic advertising adapted to their profile in each time slot.


Save time and money

  • Modification of content in a few clicks, saving time and money on printed material.

Centralized Management

  • Control and distribution of the contents on the screens from a single point.

Brand Impact

  • Improves the brand image, the shopping experience and increases sales opportunities.

Customized Content

  • Customization of advertising based on the type of audience that interacts with the screens.

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