DENEVA Safe & Tech

Innovative Digital Signage solutions for COVID management


People counting solution for capacity management

Flow of people system management to ensure safety and the current regulations regarding maximum occupation rates.

    People-counting (only) for the efficient management of flow of people in-store.
    Integrated with an alert system that informs the staff for the upcoming full capacity.


Real-time Facial ID and social distance detection

Real time AI-enable social distance detection solution that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance from each other in-store or work centers. It also detect if people use masks.

Integrated with audience measurement systems, real-time video analysis.

Emite alertas visuales o por audio para recordar la necesidad de mantener las medidas de seguridad



Wireless solution for displays management

Use your smartphone as a touchpad to manager the contents of your Digital Signage display or your Kommanda, avoiding touch-screens.

Suitable with DENEVA.Control


Multi-channel player audio for broadcasting messages

Audio Player for broadcasting alerts or informative messages.

  • Integration with audio ads and background music
  • Volume control and personalized music channels. Centralized and automatic management in real time, integrated with DENEVA.Control.
  • Synchronization of the audio player and the video player



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