Kiosk Information Systems

Information on demand for your customers
Pantalla Táctil de Información

Thousands of opportunities in one single information point

Creating an interactive information point in your business: an effective marketing solution

Install a Kiosk Information Systems in the most croweded commercial spaces. As a consequence, you will capture customers’ attention as they can check information, video or images. The infoterminal let you interact with the shown content and this way to know about users’ preferences.

Knowing your clients, you can adapt your marketing strategy to their needs.

Start now creating the difference with DENEVA‘s kiosk information systems.

Real-Time centralised management

Edit the information in an immediate way. Manage and show the contents from a central point.

Totally configurable

Configure the contents by time slots or days of the week. Turn off automatically the out of service time system.

Promote the cross-selling

Show the product’s features and present additional products to create more benefits.

Available in different languages

Design an approachable, useful and attractive interface with the possibility of showing corporate messages in different languages.

For which industry is this solution interesting?

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