Digital Signage for Education

A new way to reach students

Digital Signage Solution for Educational Centres

Ideal for schools, university, training centres, colleges and institutes.

The use of Digital Signage in education is increasingly popular and necessary. Schools and universities use smart signage solutions to create a modern environment, educate and inform. The halls, libraries, cafeterias and lobbies are magnificent common areas for DENEVA digital solutions for education.

Sign Solutions also reduces the cost of printed posters. In this way, the old bulletin boards disappear and give way to digital screens. They show information about upcoming events, conferences, news or social networks. In addition, they offer the possibility of being updated at every moment in a centralized manner.

From a Menu Board to a meeting room reservation solution, it can be combined in an educational centre. The dynamic contents can be distributed in areas, time slots, or massively to all areas. Therefore, it is perfect for launching emergency messages quickly and efficiently. As a result, it helps build a safe educational community.

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Improves Safety

  • Integration with emergency alert systems creating safe educational environments.

Integrated Social Networks

  • Integración with social networks to interact with the student community and motivate them.

Centralized Management

  • Instant management of messages, issued in bulk, in zones or time slots.

Updated Contents

  • Saving in printing cost showing digital content alwasys updated.

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