Digital Sign Solutions for Supermarket

We encourage the impulsive purchase instinct in the establishment

Smart Signage Solutions for food market

Improve the shopping experience in the supermarket and the food market with DENEVA

Supermarkets are very effective locations for the installation of Digital Signage A perfect sign solution to show useful information and promotions that catches the customers’ attention.

The placement of a Smart Signage Solution in a grosery store offers multiple possibilities for brands to communicate with customers through a channel. It is very practical as a signal to guide users through the aisles. In addition, there is the possibility of showing the uses, characteristics and applications of existing products in the supermarket. In this way, the consumer will be able to notice some products that he had not previously planned in his purchase list.

The implementation of this narrowcasting software in groceries such as queues management system offers the opportunity to reduce waiting times, improve efficiency and increase revenues by encouraging cross-selling.


Best purchase experience

  • It allows customers to quickly locate the products they are looking for in the shelves.

Advertising Management

  • It shows promotions, offers and new products at the point of sale.

Sales Increase

  • It encourages impulse purchases and interacts with customers in real time at key points.

Queue Management

  • It combines innovative devices and contents to reduce the perception of waiting times.

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