Digital Signage for banking

Take advantage of the waiting times to launch your publicity impacts

Digital Sign Solutions for Banks

Ideal for banks, finance companies, financial organisations and bank offices

In the finance sector, the Digital Signage transforms the personal banking experience. In the branches, where the client remains captive, digital advertising is effective to inform about available products and services.

Currently, modern banks offices integrate queue management solutions. As a result, a reduction in the perception of waiting times is achieved. In addition, completing the digital signage circuit with tactile and interactive kiosks allows doing simple self-management tasks. As a result, attention to the public is streamlined.

Digital signage located in strategic areas also improves internal communication. In fact, they stimulate a positive brand image by transmitting updated information to employees. The screens are perfect for broadcasting corporate news, interacting with social networks or displaying information about the market or the stock market.


Visual Improvement

  • Integration of attractive visual messages saving printing costs.

Generate new benefits

  • Creation of new revenues when promoting new services or products.

Shortest waiting time

  • Reduction of the waiting time perceived while keeping the customer entertained.

Turns Management

  • Streamlining queues with the queue management system

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