Menu boards for Fast Food Restaurants and Supermarket

The digital revolution has arrived to your business.
Menu Board Digital para Restaurantes de Comida Rápida

Contents always updated

Create easily and quickly an attractive fast food menu display

Edit prices, add images or videos with DENEVA’s Menu Board Solutions. As a consequence, any change will be updated instantly.

Therefore, with DENEVA menu board solutions you can administrate your contents in a centralised way and then distribute them to each display or on a massive scale.

Stock and promotions management has never been so easy!

Dynamic Menu Board

Digital Menu Board

Set a horizontal or vertical board solutions. Complete it with animated wallpapers or dynamic images with promotional contents.

Moreover, you can integrate prices to the display in a dynamic way.

You can connect DENEVA with the TPV for a dynamic publishing of the prices.

Recogida de Pedidos

Order’s Management

Connect with restaurant’s POS and manage your orders

    To detect order’s closing
    Possibility to customize size or colour
    The calls appear in the corporate contents’ playlist

Real-time live view

Real snapshot of the content shown in every display or every establishment.

Time slot programming

Apply different menu board layout depending on the time slot or the location.

Integration with social networks

Use social networks to interact with clients and involve them with the promotions.

Centralised control of the stock

Change the prices depending on the stock or the promotions.

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