Digital Sign Solutions for Hospital

The endless hours in the waiting room have come to an end

Smart Signage Solution for Healthcare

Ideal for hospital, clinic or medical center

In a general hospitals, clinics and medical centers, Digital Signage improves the patients’ experience, communicates with employees and facilitates internal management.

DENEVA smart signage solution located in the hospitals waiting rooms show informative and entertainment content. In this way, it generates a productive waiting time for patients and visitors. In addition, digital signage technology may be included as a complement to the management system of waiting turns to generate new benefits.

Directories and wayfinding systems guide users through the corridors of a hospital. At the same time, they provide a greater sense of comfort to patients and improve the overall image of the health centre.


Shortest waiting times

  • Reduction of the waiting times perceived through dynamic and entertaining content.

Generate new benefits

  • Use as an advertising channel for third parties to generate a greater number of revenues.

Updated Content

  • Updated information on the centre schedules, location of rooms or regulations to help patients and visitors

Turns Management

  • Streamlining appointments with the turn management system.

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