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Digital Sign Solution for Car Dealers and Garages

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In the automotive industry, image is very important. Therefore, car dealers opt for the installation of Digital Signage in their establishments. For this reason, digital displays are a magnificent showcase to produce a visual impact on customers.

Brands use digital sign solutions to show updated information about offers, discounts and promotions. In this way, they turn visitors from dealerships into potential customers. Furthermore, at the same time, they transfer a technological and modern image of the brand.

On the other hand, the DENEVA interactive advertising, integrated with the facial recognition system, is very useful. It shows different models depending on the sex or age of the person who interacts with the screen. In addition, customers can delve into the characteristics of the vehicles or use the interactive kiosks to personalize their car.

The emission of attractive and dynamic digital content generates a better brand experience. Consequently, it is easier to reach an increasingly demanding consumer.



  • Publication of the brand new features, model characteristics and promotions with visual impact.


  • Innovative image of your of your business, turning visitors into potential customers.


  • Adaptation of interactive content to the audience with the recognition systems.


  • Interactive tools and real time content management to support the sale.

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