Queue Management System

Dynamize the waiting times of your customers

DENEVA Queue Management System

The most comprehensive queue management system in order to shorten waiting time

Optimize customer service resources with DENEVA’s queue management system.

DENEVA’s line management system shows in an attractive way the called numbers. Moreover, it indicates the place where the client will be attended. Use the displays to highlight other contents, for instance, third parties’ advertisement and promotions, news or social networks.

As a result, DENEVA Smart Queuing System reduces waiting time and catch clients’ attention.

Personalised Smart Queuing System

Create your own solution. Choose the features that best adapt to your business sector.
The DENEVA Smart Queuing System is modular and scaleable and therefore it grow up at the same time as your business.

  • Multi-layer composition
  • Add multimedia contents to your queue management system: news channel, weather forecast…
  • Suitable with all languages
  • Easy-to-use and with multiple functions

Incorporation of feed news and social networks

Use social networks to interact with clients. Show news to catch the attention and entertain.

Integration with prices

Connect to the TPV for automatic publishing of prices. An ideal solution for supermarkets.

Centralised management and control

Control or modify, from a single point, every display content.

Information and Statistics

Analyse the customer service through statistics divided by days, hours of maximum public influx, etc.

For which markets is this solution interesting?

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