DENEVA Lift and Learn

Reinventing purchase experience

Lift and Learn

Interactive marketing to improve your products visibility

Show relevant information every time clients lift one or more products from the shelf.

With this mechanism you can lift two or more products and then contrast their features. Foster the cross-selling, add attractive images or videos. This way you can show your products features, or promotions that can stimulate the purchase.

With DENEVA you can also know which products have been found more appealing. Therefore, now it is easier to launch attractive promotions to your leads.

Create a new interactive experience and evaluate the results

Generate reports and launch more effective personalised promotions.

    Compare which products have aroused more interest
    in your clients.
    Extract statistics and then, adapt the promotions
    to your target audience.

DENEVA Lift and Lear

Radio frecuency and multiple tecnologies

Lift and Learn uses the most adequate technology for each project. For instance, optical sensors, RFID, NFC…

Easy campaign management

Benefit from your marketing tools. As a result, you can create a unique interactive experience in the point of sale.

Centralised control from the cloud

Remote control of the contents. Drop all the information and enable the creation of specific publications to compare the products.

Personalised configuration

Design your own solution. Choose and include the features of the products that better cover your clients needs.

For which industries is this solution interesting?

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