Digital Sign Solutions for Fast Food Restaurants

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Digital Signage Solution for Fast Food Restaurants

Ideal for QSR, fast food restaurants or catering

Fast Food restaurants and catering use Digital Signage to make the dining experience more attractive.

Smart Signage Solutions are used to draw attention from the outside by encouraging people to enter the restaurant. Once inside, the menu board is undoubtedly essential in the QSR. It shows the products, offers and promotions in a tempting way.

The DENEVA interactive kiosks create a new experience in the sales area. The self service terminal manages to attract customers and make waiting in the queue more pleasant. For this reason, customers become familiar with the menu and choose more quickly through smart screens. In this way, it is possible to streamline the service, simplify payments and increase commercial efficiency.

All of DENEVA’s sign solutions allow managing, also, the inventory to promote products. The management of digital contents is simple. It allows to program contents in an easy way, letting change the menu according to the time zone, public or existing stock. Moreover, DENEVA allows you to instantly modify the prices from the central platform, or even from the smartphone.

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Shortest waiting times

  • Reduction of perceived waiting time and improvement of the customer experience

Centralized Administration

  • Control and update of the products prices in real time from the POS 

Inventory Management

  • Control of the stock, being able to modify the dynamic content of the products and prices instantly

Improves Commercial Effectiveness

  • The interactive kiosk streamlines the service, simplifies payments and increases commercial efficiency

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