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Digital Signage para Retail

Dynamic signs in the point of sale

Use DENEVA smart signage solution to offer personalised and effective experiences in the point of sale.

Improve your image both inside and outside the shop. Link your brand to ideas such as modernity, innovation and technology with this smart signage solution.

The Digital Signage improves the effectiveness of the message and it finally reaches the customers in the most appropriate moment. It has an impact on their shop decision and thus, increases your benefits.

Real-Time Information

Integration with social networks, weather forecast, Smart Objects, KPIs, news or TV channels.

Multiple Multimedia Formats

Design appealing contents by including images, videos or flash animations. Add also text, audio or URL’s.

Multi Lingual Web Interface

Web interface in different languages according to users’ profiles. Centralised management from your browser.

Contents Tags

Screen the contents by location, tags, directories. Add, also, contents term to schedule the messages.

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